About Us

About Us

KLWNA's mission is to keep Cardano secure and decentralized!

Kelowna Staking is dedicated to running only a single pool. By staking with KLWNA, you are keeping Cardano decentralized!

About Us (Me)

I moved to Kelowna in 2014 for a Network Administration Specialist course and since then work as Technical Support for a VoIP Telecommunications Company. I work with Linux on a daily basis and assist in the management of company servers. I first joined the crypto space in 2016 and found Cardano in late 2019. The Kelowna Staking Pool has been supporting the Cardano network since August 2020 and producing blocks since epoch 225!

CCSPA Member

I am proud to be a member of the Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association since its inception in September 2020. With Stake Pool Operators from across Canada, our mission is to raise awareness of the Cardano currency, Cardano Stake Pool Operators across the country and the benefits of decentralized financial and social systems.
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Since Dec 19, 2020

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